The 21st century has seen a massive shift in people’s worldview, culture and lifestyle. This has inevitably transformed the way in which people relate to religion and God. The greatest catalyst to this change has been the internet.

In today’s world, our relationships with religion, our children, spouses, community, education and ourselves has changed. Often enough, this change has not been for the good. Abandonment of
religion or belief in God is on the rise, parenting problems have become ubiquitous, marital conflict and divorce has become the norm and mental health problems are skyrocketing.

Our religious institutions, that is, our Islamic centers, have had great difficulties in addressing these issues. This has happened due to several reasons. They have either lacked the know-how, or they have lacked the resources to undertake them, such as having qualified therapists for parenting and marriage conflict resolution, framing a discourse that is relevant for our children, irreligiousness, dealing with drugs, alcoholism, depression and anxiety and so on and so forth.

The Husaini Foundation is committed to providing these resources to Islamic centers across North America and the United States in particular. Working from the Bay Area (California), it has successfully engaged in deeper investigations of our community’s problems and issues and the Foundation is addressing them with proper understanding, logical solutions and professional execution.

I am very thankful to Allah for bringing our team together, inspiring us to do projects with sincerity and professionalism, and I am especially thankful for the tawfīq of Allah to serve our community in ways that addresses its ailments in this era.

After several years of establishing the understanding of our foundation’s basics and executing several successful projects, we feel it’s time to reach out to our community for advice, cooperation and assistance. Our team is incomplete without you and there are several ways that you can be part of this endeavor. Please don’t hesitate, just ask.

I am very thankful for your cooperation in advance and request that you contact me directly for any
questions or recommendations. I pray for good health for yourself and your family.

Fī Amān Allāh