Husaini Foundation & Its Mission

Husaini Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to engaging modern issues that are relevant to the English-speaking Shia community of the West and North America in particular. It was founded in 2016 and is currently based in San Jose, California. The foundation has been working with centers across North America providing the resources religiously-committed Muslims - and Shia Muslims in particular – need to live more faithful and stable marriage, family and personal lives. Traditionally, our narrative was strong, but now we need to take the leadership back in the world of today.

Husaini Foundation offers a wide variety of resources and professional services intended to help Muslims overcome problems like the loss of faith, intellectual problems with Islam, marital conflict, childrearing and parenting problems, depression, anxiety, stress and difficulties associated with living the Islamic life in the modern West.

The foundation’s mission is to encourage Shia institutions to work together and create efficient and long-lasting programs that are meant to address the socio-religious issues that are pertinent to Muslims in North America and the United States in particular. The foundation is actively involved in centers across the region on the web and social media.To serve our community better, the Husaini Foundation has an advisory board that consists of Muslim scholars, marriage and family therapists, web marketers and academic scholars, all of whom we consult with to make sure that our services are as faithful as they are effective.

The foundation is doing its part to contributing to professional research in the effective integration of Islamic teaching and various traditionally secular fields such as counseling psychology and the academic study of religion in order to meet the demands of life in 21st century America.

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